Commission list of Phoenix


*Stainless pot with bubbles effect. (MAIN GOAL)

** Max severe head. 

Currently those are the two hats that I really, really want to get. The Stainless pot for ages now. 

**Another payment option**

Im willing to draw for some normal items that Im still looking forward to get! (if you are unable to pay with keys this can be an option too, just message me and ask me about a list of items I still want)


Any additional characters (head and bust) are 2 ref’s each.

For full body it will be 3 ref extra. 

Lineart price will stay the same, you dont have to pay extra if you choosed the lineart option and are going to ask for an additional character


Additional character (head and bust) will be á key extra. (Might make exception for the head one, depening what it is that you want)

For the full body, we can arrange payment for additional character. So no set price for it yet.

Full body will be either 3 or 4 keys because it depends on how much details there will be in it (it also takes longer for me to finish full painted body)

Painted can also be like the banner ive made for this post. If you want that, the prices are less. Just ask!


Additional characters are 2 ref each. 


I will draw almost any fandom. OC’s are highly welcome. Nsfw is okay too although im not good at it yet (which also makes the prices a little bit less to compromise)

If you arent sure if Im willing to draw it, just ask. I prefer not having a huge list of don’t/do’s here

You can contact me here on tumblr.

Or add me on steam which is: fierce-phoenix (redwingnaoko)

If you’ve any questions, dont hestiate and just message me! 

Signal boosts are greatly appreciated! ‘O’ 







Friendly reminder that you don’t always know what’s going on on the other side of the screen…

I really worry sometimes people might be like this when talking to them

please if you’re a friend or anyone really and you’re ever upset like this don’t try and hide it, I’m always willing to be a shoulder to cry on :c


I’ve done this so many times, it’s depressing.

If any of you are ever down and ever need anyone to talk to
Tell me
I’m always, -always- open to talk
And even if I’m not, I know people who will be.










This is for anyone who have ever felt this way.


I hit 600 followers on this blog, which is a huge number of people.

I decided to make a little giveaway thingy for my followers. Most of my followers are probably in tf2 fandom or just play game so that’s why tf2 items.

How it works?

Reblog this post once and on 26th I will put all the names in to get 3 random winners.


Each winner can choose 3 items for themselves. 1 strange weapon and 2 miscs or 3 miscs. Winner number 1 will choose first, then number 2 and so on.


-1 reblog per person only

-must be following me

- giveaway will end on 25th of July

Good luck and thank you Ö3Ö